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Principal's Message

Principal’s Message - Winter (2019-2020)

undefinedHow do you react to your child’s report card?

It was wonderful to see so many of our families at Parent Conference night! As the school year continues, grades and student achievement become a concern for parents, teachers, and students alike.  Whether your student is earning A’s, D’s or some grade in between, how you react to the grades can impact your students’ continued success.  If your child is receiving excellent grades, use the opportunity to talk about the rewards of hard work and ask him/her to teach you something!  If your child works very hard, but their grades are still low, be gentle as your student is mostly likely feeling disheartened and needs support. Sometimes a lack of motivation can come from frustration at not being able to do the schoolwork. Students will, at times, pretend not to care about grades rather than admit they do not understand the work. Be patient and set up a meeting with your child’s teachers and counselor to get tips on how best to support your student.

If your student has low grades in work habits, remember that work habits are often based on getting homework done, coming to class prepared, and using class time well.  You can help your child by checking his/her school agenda and sign up for Schoology access via the Parent Portal to ensure your student is writing down the assignments and completing all the required homework. Together we will create a positive learning experience for our children!