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Congratulations to our College Poster Contest Winners!

Mrs. Firestone's Homeroom - Cal State University, Channel Islands

Mr. Fiser's Homeroom - Cal State University, Long Beach

Mrs. Guzman-Vo's Homeroom - Pierce Community College

A Poem by a student in Ms. Clark's English Class

The dark; one of man's greatest fears.

Not knowing where you are or where you'll be.

Sometimes feeling left empty, with the quiet little sounds, seemingly, being loud.

In a place where you can scream so loud, but no one would, could, or tried to hear you.

And your only friend being the man in the moon

And the eagle who never spoke once.

The eagle being big, only to make you feel

So small that you could slip into a crack

Without being noticed at all.

With the man in the moon appearing to be in a long,

Peaceful, sleep;

As you venture the endless plain, in complete darkness.

9/30/19 7:52 PM
9/16/19 10:08 PM
10/25/19 5:11 PM
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Will You Share a Poem?
Will You Share a Poem?
Poem Reflection for Neruda's, The Eternal Return

In this inspirational poem Neruda writes about the importance of living a full life. What we can learn from the poem? We all should follow our dreams. We should take a risk and change all bad habits.

As long as we are stuck in our comfort zone, we are not growing. If you want to live a full life, you should be more open to the new experiences. Someone who is not capable of taking a risk and changing routines - dies slowly. Life stuck in a comfort zone is not a full life, it is just the breathing. We should never forget that we live only once.

We must be better tomorrow than we are now. Self-growing should never stop.

It is never late to be better and happier. It is never late to start living life with purpose. What are you waiting for?

Change yourself. Change your life. Don't waste your time. Time never will come back.

8th Graders, As You Contemplate Your Future Accomplishments in High School, Keep These Suggestions in Mind


Getty Center Visit
Getty Center Visit
Getty Center Visit

Please make sure to thoughtfully consider the questions before responding to this survey Thank you! Congratulations to our Getty Center Visit Photo Contest finalists!

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