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Bring Water!

Bottle of Water

Please DO BRING WATER to my class EVERY DAY, & drink, drink drink!

Students are expected to sing & move throughout the whole period & are expected to get very thirsty. Students are responsible for their own water.

Soda, sports drinks, juices, teas, coffees & other flavored beverages are bad for vocal health. Please DO NOT have them out in my classroom.

Water is available every day at the student store for $1. Students on a budget or students looking to cut down on plastic waste should bring a reusable bottle from home.

Thank you!

Mr. Nemchik


What I Do

I love my job. I teach choir, musical theater & general music. I show students a positive way to deal with life's many emotions through the art of music. I do this through a teaching style that is fun, approachable & high-energy. I offer my students opportunities to move physically, be loud & make personal connections with one another, things that are not always possible in other school subjects.

I work to make my choirs and casts to feel like teams. Each student offers a unique skill set, yet no single student can accomplish what we can all accomplish together. I remind students, "the more support you can give to the person sitting next to you, the better we will all sound."

At the end of each year, I want students to look back at all of the hard work they put in. I want them to recognize that their hard work created great shows that left lasting impressions with their audiences. I want them to make the connection that if they put the time & energy into any aspect of school or personal life, they can achieve great things.

About Me

I started playing clarinet at age 10 through my public school music program. At age 11, I discovered alternative rock music. At age 12, I began but quickly quit guitar lessons because I found them tedious & tiresome. At age 13, I began teaching myself guitar. At age 14, I sang and played guitar with my band in my middle school's talent show. For four minutes and twenty-two seconds, my band & I were able to hold the attention of the entire student body. The experience changed my life.

Since that time, I have had some extremely fortunate opportunities to study with great performers & educators.

I earned my bachelor of music degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston, where I developed my performance technique with careful guidance from Jon Finn (Boston Pops), Grammy-nominated classical guitarist, Apostolos Parsaskevas, Guy Van Duser and National Finger Style Guitar Champion, Pete Huttlinger. I studied conducting with resident conductor of the Rhode Island Philharmonic, Francisco Noya. I studied Bel Canto voice and musical theater with Greg Safel at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in Beverly Hills.