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My expectations from my students:

  • Attend all meetings on time
  • Contribute to class discussions
  • Ask questions
  • Wear appropriate attire and use appropriate language
  • Complete assignments
  • Schedule and manage time

Note to Parents:

Please check your child's Schoology Grades regularly.

In class will watch engaging videos, practice problems together, have class discussions, and students are assigned inquiry based assignments.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me.  It is very important that you make sure that your child attends all class meetings on time, completes assignments, and ask questions.  

Ms. Park


Steps to Success:

My goal as your teacher is to guide you to improve your skills and knowledge in math.  No matter what your skill level is entering my class, there's always room for growth.  My philosophy in teaching is based on mutual respect.  As we respect each other, we can learn from each other.  As we explore topics in math, always start with the facts and build with logic to make it relevant to the world we live in today.  

Message to Parents: 

It is important that we have a partnership in your child's education for their academic success.  Communication is key!  If there is anything I need to know, please message me.  The more we know together, the more we can find solutions to help your child be successful.

Middle school years are so important! Character counts! Education is power! Kindness matters! I truly believe in providing a positive environment for all learners.

Please message me immediately with any questions or concerns.  Together we are stronger.  

A little about me...

I have been a middle school math teacher for 17 years.  I had an amazing 3rd grade teacher when I attended Castlebay Lane Elementary as a little girl who inspired me to become a teacher.  

I graduated CSUN with a BA in Liberal Studies.  I love working at Columbus Middle and working with the students in the Canoga Park community.  I love being involved at school.  I am the Math Department Chair. 

I am also the Leadership teacher and host two lunch clubs, Origami and Girl YANA Club every week.

I value all students and if anyone ever needs any help, please send me a message.