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Here are a few free on-line resources to help you improve your math skills and knowledge:

Character Counts!  Not only is math important but so is your character.  Continue to work on building your character everyday!


Math at CCMS

Our dedicated teachers have a passion to teach all students in improving their math skills and knowledge.  We are a team providing lessons for our students based on Common Core State Standards and Learning Targets provided by our District.

The road to success in math is through practice.  Here are a few tips we believe will help you become stronger in math:

1. Begin with getting enough rest! Students should get 9-11 hours of daily sleep.

2.  Have a quiet place dedicated just to studying.

3. Organize a schedule with routines that best fit your lifestyle.

4. Practice! Practice! Practice! - Practicing even the same math problem over and over will help your brain make sense of it and remember how to solve problems. 

5.  Ask questions and ask often.  Teachers are here to help you, don't be afraid to ask for help, ever!

6. Complete and submit assignments on time.