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English Department Staff

Ms. Accord - Alt. Curriculum 6th-8th

Ms. Alcantara - Alt. Ed. IDM 

Ms.Clark - 7th MMS 

Mrs. Guzman-Vo - ELD 1-4; Advanced ELD, Literacy and Language 6th-8th

Mr. Howell  - Special Day English 6-8th 

Ms. Moran - 7th and 8th w/Honors 

Ms. Markevich - TSP Advisor 

Ms. Murray - Aut. Core 

Mr. Nolasco - 8th Magnet 

Mr. Princeotto - 6th and 8th MMS 

Ms.Provost - 6th and Literacy and Language 6th/8th

Mr. Seifert - 6th grade (MAC)

Ms. Taylor - 6th grade, Literacy and Language 

Mr. Twarhira - Resource Specialist