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CCMS Technology

Academic / Technology Calender

Today: 7/18/18

Digital Citizenship Grade 6

Digital Life 101

What is the place of digital media in our lives?

Students are introduced to the 24/7, social nature of digital media and technologies, and gain basic vocabulary and knowledge for discussing the media landscape.


My Media Life is like..
Got Media Smarts?

My Media

What are your personal media habits, and how much time do you spend with different forms of media?

Students review their media habits and the array of media they use on a weekly basis, and reflect on the role of digital media in their lives. Students log the time they spend with different forms of digital media.

My Media - Bar Graph
My Media - Log

Digital Citizenship Grade 7

Safe Online Talk

How should you handle inappropriate online talk?

While acknowledging the benefits of online talk and messaging, students consider scenarios in which they may feel uncomfortable, or may encounter inappropriate behavior on the Internet. Students first watch a short video in which teens share their rules of the road for connecting with others online.


Internet Traffic Light
Take Three

Cyberbullying: Crossing the LIne

When does inappropriate online behavior cross the line into cyberbullying, and what can you do about it?

Students learn to distinguish good-natured teasing from cyberbullying. Students learn about serious forms of cyberbullying. Students watch the video “Stacey’s Story – When Rumors Escalate,” a documentary-style story in which a girl reflects on what it was like to be the target of cyberbullying.


Discussion Guide


Digital Citizenship Grade 8

Which Me Should I Be?

What are the outcomes of presenting yourself in different ways online?

Students learn that presenting themselves in different ways online carries both benefits and risks. Students first consider what it means to adopt a different identity online. Next, they watch the video, “Henry’s Story – Creating Online Identities,” and discuss their responses to the different ways Henry presents himself to others on the Internet.


Take A Stand

Trillion Dollar

What is a digital footprint, and what does yours convey?

Students learn that they have a digital footprint, which can be searched, shared, and seen by a large, invisible audience. Students then learn that they can take some control over their digital footprint based on what they post online. Students watch the video “The Digital Footprint” to learn how information online can easily get out of one’s control.


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